Finding other gamers can be difficult

Tabletop RPG's, board gamers, miniatures wargames, CCG's... they're all social activities. But to play them you need to know other gamers. Unfortunately, finding other gamers with similar interests can be difficult.

The Old Ways

Until now, the process of finding other gamers could be very tedious and time consuming. Common approaches included:

The GeekTransit way

The GeekTransit way is more efficient. If you are a gamer looking to find other gamers or to learn about local gaming events, you sign up for GeekTransit and select your location on a map. When another gamer in your area posts on GeekTransit looking for other gamers, you receive their post in your GeekTransit inbox. That's all there is to it. You don't have to constantly monitor a number of different online and offline sources to find players. You just sign up and let the game openings come to you. Call it 'sign up and forget'. You control how you are notified about new posts that may interest you. Or you can post and have your request of a game or game opening sent out to every gamer in your area who has signed up for GeekTransit.

But there's more to it! Want to learn about or announce local gaming events? You can do that as well with GeekTransit. Never before has there been an easier way for local gamers to reach other local gamers.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for GeekTransit today! It's quick and free to sign up!

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